Factors to Consider When Choosing a Raised Garden Bed
width. To eliminate soil compaction (important for healthy plants), choose a width that allows you to reach all the plants without stepping into the bed. A 3' to 4' width is best if you can access the plant from both sides. If access is limited to one side, consider a 2' wide raised bed.

length. Most beds are between 4' and 8' in length with paths between the beds for easy care. Want a longer bed? Find out how our Lifetime RaisedBedCorners and online connectors let you customize your setup.

Shape: Rectangular beds are most common, but there are also round, square, and even rounded corner beds.

The depth of the planting area. A soil depth of 6" to 8" is suitable for most vegetables. Larger plants, such as tomatoes, and shrubs, such as blueberries, prefer deeper soil, especially if the native soil is poor quality or compacted.

Automatic watering option. Our innovative self-watering reservoir extends the time between watering and creates more even moisture throughout your flower bed. Plants grow better and produce more—and you're constantly watering less!