8 Reasons to Garden in Raised Beds
Here are some of the many benefits of growing in a raised bed versus a ground bed:

Soil warms and dries faster in spring, so you can start planting earlier.

You can fill the bed with the best soil for the plants you are growing. (This is especially important with our heavy clay or very sandy soils.) Use a mixture of topsoil and compost to start the plants.

They are more productive. Plants grow faster and produce more.

They can be used to define spaces and help keep pets and children out.

The soil stays loose and fluffy because you don't compact it by walking over the bed.

Are rabbits and groundhogs having problems nibbling on your vegetables? Raised beds keep plants out of their way - making it easier to reach plants without bending over or kneeling.

They're available in a variety of materials, so you'll find a bed that suits the style of your home and landscape.

They're easier to cover, so you can protect your plants from insects and other pests, as well as from cold and/or windy weather.