What types of raised garden beds are there?
While some of the names may overlap, there are four basic types of raised garden beds: raised ground beds, supported raised beds, container raised beds, and elevated raised beds.

Raised beds require no material other than soil. This is a simple raised garden bed with a flat-topped mound, usually 6 to 8 inches tall. Raised beds are great for gardeners who have a large area to plant but don't want the added expense of building a support frame.

Supported raised beds have a rim or frame around the bed to hold the soil in place and are usually made of wood, stone, plastic, or metal. Raised garden beds with supports are great for sloping or uneven yards, and they make the garden look attractive.

Container raised garden beds have taller sides (10 inches or more). Container raised garden beds can be placed almost anywhere, including lawns, walkways or patios. They require more soil to fill, but their versatility and ease of use make them ideal for those with high foot traffic or limited transportation.

A raised garden bed is similar to a container-style raised bed, but it sits higher and is supported by legs, bringing the growing area to a comfortable standing height. These beds are very convenient for people with limited mobility.

The following models have passed our rigorous performance tests to earn their place in our range of the best raised garden beds. They must be durable enough to support the weight of the soil mixture, and they must be designed so that the plants have both root space and adequate drainage. In most cases, each must also meet the seller's requirements.

While the raised beds below vary in size, material, and design, making some more suitable for specific growing situations, each one performed well in our tests and earns its place among the best raised garden beds available today.