Durable green bed. Best Raised Garden Bed Recommendations
The durable GreenBeds raised bed garden kit is designed with a unique, eco-friendly, recyclable wood chip/concrete composite to last 25 years or more and withstand all extreme weather - won't rot, crack, peel, rust or broken. The olle raised garden bed kit is the perfect solution for backyard gardens, permanent landscaping or large school, community or city gardens.

nosstagarden raised garden beds are environmentally friendly and safe.

100% non-toxic

Made of highly recyclable material - wood chip composite.


Will not rot, crack, peel, rust or chip.

Will outperform any wood, plastic or metal raised garden bed.

25 years warranty.

Easy to assemble.

save effort

Most kits can be assembled in an hour or less using simple standard tools.

Attractive and versatile.

Our beds are beautiful additions to any outdoor space and can be easily stained to match your home or color scheme.

Wide range of sizes and heights for easy access and numerous design options.

The size can be customized.

Free shipping and discounts. Free shipping on orders over $2,000. Get an extra 4% off orders over $2,500, an extra 6% off orders over $3,500, and an extra 8% off orders over $4,500. Check out our discount page.

(as featured in "This Old House - Raised Garden Beds")

Get healthier, higher yields!

Breathable panels and deep planting maximize square footage gardening yields and even repel snails!

Why are durable GreenBeds better than wood?

Most wooden garden beds will start to rot, crack, deform or crumble within a very short period of time, and within 6 to 8 years you will need to replace them again. Plastic beds can also crack after a short period of time in the sun. This forces you to spend money rebuilding your beds instead of focusing on your garden.

To understand the real cost of owning a Greenbed versus a traditional wood frame bed, we need to look at the cost of your bed over its lifetime. First, of course, is the initial purchase cost, but over time ownership also comes with significant costs for installing, maintaining and replacing the bed.

Durable GreenBeds are not just for vegetable gardens. Many landscape professionals use our GreenBeds in their projects. Durable GreenBeds are an attractive and cost-effective alternative to traditional retaining walls and planters.

Specify the highest quality raised garden beds

Durable: The pots are made of corrosion-resistant materials and can be partially buried in the ground. Ideal for hillside installations.

FLEXIBLE: Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, including our two-tier planter.

Customization: Don't see the configuration you're looking for? We can customize size and shape. Just call for a custom quote.

Labor-saving: easy to install, pre-drilled and assembled using standard tools.

Attractive top decoration. We realize that many of us like to sit next to our bed. This wider trim makes the seats more comfortable and looks more elegant in the landscape.