Product Features

Durable, 20+ year lifespan

Material is made of steel substrate coated with zinc, aluminum and magnesium + USDA-certified paint that is resistant to fading for longer life

Not easily damaged by insects and rain


Material safe / soil safe / food safe/safe to use

Sustainable specialty paint, USDA certified, no soil contamination

The metal plate contains elements Zn, Al, Mg, and Fe, which are trace elements required by organisms to ensure the food safety of grown fruits and vegetables and ensure healthy consumption

Rounded corners and thick rubber edge wrapping design to avoid accidental injury when planting and picking


Strong stability & anti-deformation

0.6mm thickness, wave metal panel design, stainless steel screw fixing, very stable and not easy to deformation



Reduce tree felling and wood waste

100% recyclable metal, using our metal raised garden beds is a sustainable choice, let's have environmental awareness and protect the earth.


Easy to assemble

Easy to put together with simple squares, easy to assemble for the elderly and children, and can be completed in about 30 minutes


Stunning appearance & keep clean

With a variety of fashion colors to choose from, and flexible combination, can create their own unique dream garden

Smooth surface, not easy to hide dirt, can keep clean for a long time