【Product】What is a 10-in-1, 9-in-1, 6-in-1 and 4-in-1 ModularDesign?

Nossta Garden kits feature an innovative and flexible assembly design, which means you can assemble the kit into various shapes to suit your site. For example, in the 9-in-1 kit, there are 9 possible configurations to suit your raised garden bed plans.

【Product】Why do you offer your beds in 11", 17", and32" heights?

Multiple heights can accommodate different plant growth, and deeper soil means deeper roots and happier plants. Many rooted plants, such as carrots, need extra height for their roots to expand, so 17" is the best choice. Higher beds also mean less bending over, and the 32" extra tall garden bed provides a great gardening experience and a healthy, comfortable handling experience without back pain over long periods of time.

【Product】Are the beds bottomless?

No, the beds are bottomless. This allows excess water to escape, prevents root rot, and allows worms to enter the bed. Using bottomless beds, you help the plant roots get nutrients from the ground.

【Product】What are Nossta Garden Metal Raised Beds made from?How long do Nossta Garden beds last?

Nossta Garden uses 0.6 mm thick super strong Zn-Al-Mg coated steel. Garden beds made of this material can last up to 20+ years.

【Product】How thick are Vego Raised Beds? Are they strong enough tohold soil?

Vego uses 0.6 mm thick extra strong aluminized zinc-coated steel. This heavy-duty material is strong enough to hold soil for decades and lasts 7 times longer than wooden or plastic beds.

【Safety】Is it safe to grow fruit in Nossta Raised Beds?

The breakdown of galvanized steel beds with Zn-Al-Mg alloy coating requires a very high acidity level and the neutral soil in which the crops are grown will not affect the coating. The paint used is also USDA-certified safe and neither the metal nor the coating itself is harmful to the soil or the fruits and vegetables grown, so it is safe to eat.

【Safety】Will Nossta Raised Beds overheat in the hot summer?

Of course not. It is made of Aluzinc-coated steel, which has excellent albedo capability. Albedo is another name for reflectivity, which measures how much light hits a surface and is reflected but not absorbed. Studies have shown that soil in galvanized steel maintains optimal and more uniform temperatures than wood, concrete, and dark plastic beds, which absorb summer sunlight during the day and stay hot at night. Studies have also shown that galvanized steel beds have the added benefit of improved fruit set, blush color, and ripeness. Aluzinc Steel Raised Beds have been used in Australia for over 100 years for gardening. In fact, it is the most popular raised bed material on the market.

【Pre-salesand after-sales service】Why didn't I receive an email notification afterplacing an order or after delivery?

Nossta Garden will notify you by email within a few hours of placing an order or shipping. If you do not receive an email, please check your email carefully for notifications, newsletters, and spam.

【Pre-sales andafter-sales servic】How to contact us?

Our customer service team is available 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (CST), excluding holidays. There are several ways you can reach us: Using our live chat Send us messages or comments through our social media accounts,

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