Is it better to grow in a raised garden bed than in the ground?
Honestly, growing in raised garden beds is better than growing on land.

As with most plants, they require high air circulation and drainage to grow healthily. That's the benefit of raised garden beds. When planting on the ground, the height and space are limited, and the air circulation is weak.

For gardeners, metal raised garden beds of various heights, easy to work, no need to bend down, suitable for most people, such as children, adults, the elderly, people with lumbar strain or inconvenient legs and feet. In other words, olle raised garden beds are the first choice for most people who want to do gardening.

What are the advantages of nossta raised garden beds?

Appropriate height:

For most people, if they fall to the ground, they will inevitably have to bend over to work, which may lead to lumbar muscle strain and muscle pain in the long run. At the same time, if you choose corrugated raised garden beds of different heights, both the elderly and children can enjoy the pastoral fun without increasing the physical burden.


The raised beds are not closed at the bottom, which allows for better control of soil conditions and provides more room for plant roots. What's more, the proper height can also allow the plants to get more light, so that they can grow healthier.

Magical use:

Raised garden beds provide ample space. In addition to placing soil in raised beds, fallen leaves, fruit peels, and wood can be placed in raised garden beds as fertilizer, allowing the plants to absorb nutrients. Additionally, the use of raised garden beds is effective in reducing pest and disease problems caused by soil conditions.


Freedom to choose where to place your raised garden beds. When the weather is bad, it can be covered with a cloth for easy protection. If it is planted in the ground and encounters bad weather, it needs to be treated on a large area, which is relatively not so easy.

do it yourself:

Due to the modular design of our products, products of various heights can be matched up and down for perfect integration. Plus, you can choose from a variety of shapes to create a beautiful garden.

What are the disadvantages of raised garden beds?

Planting in raised beds is more expensive than growing directly on land. And, once a raised garden bed is purchased, it needs to be assembled and placed on site. Planting directly on soil saves a lot of steps.

Second, in the summer, as the sun heats up, the outer panels of the loft bed get hotter. So it is necessary to choose raised garden beds. Our stainless steel raised garden beds are high temperature resistant and super corrosion resistant.

What's more, some raised garden beds are heavier once planted, making them harder to move if you want to. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable location at the beginning of planting.

Finally, considering factors such as the plant's growth environment and the convenience of tools, it is generally better to use elevated flower beds than to plant directly on land.