Advantages of nosstagarden raised garden beds
STURDY AND DURABLE: The stable frame structure of the nosstaMetalRasiedGardenBed is made of corrugated steel coated with a special zinc-aluminum alloy. Make it rust-proof.

EASY ASSEMBLY: For easy assembly, we provide bolts, nuts, washers, wrenches, and an instruction manual. Keep the loft bed firm and not warped. We also provide a durable rubber edge to cover the edge to prevent injury.

Rust and corrosion resistance: no pollution:

Unlike inferior plastic, chemically treated wood, or inferior imitations, aluminum-zinc-magnesium-galvanized steel will not leach or decompose in any major way over time, so these beds are absolutely safe for growing food. Our Zn-Al-Mg raised garden beds feature a sustainable specialty coating developed by AkzoNobel for livestock and crops (also USDA certified) that won't leach into the soil. Your garden and soil are safe. However, most traditional wooden raised garden beds will have chemical preservatives added to avoid easy splintering, and these preservatives may seep into the soil and cause some damage to the soil.

Environmental friendly:

Traditional wooden raised garden beds are not always a sustainable option. According to research, about 15.3 billion trees are felled every year, of which logging accounts for a large proportion. Buying wood for a loft bed may not be an environmentally conscious decision. Compared to wooden raised garden beds, our Zn-Al-Mg steel raised garden beds are an ideal material for any outdoor application. It's environmentally friendly, durable and strong, with a lifespan of up to 20 years without replacement and minimal maintenance.